UAE’s First Robot Pharmacy | Robotics In Future Healthcare

UAE's First Robot Pharmacy | Robotics In Future Health Care

Robotics is shaping the world by taking new paths in all fields. Recently, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has inaugurated its first “robot pharmacy” at Rashid Hospital in Dubai.

Nowadays, robotics is being widely used in pharmacies, hospitals, and healthcare in general.

Actual purpose is to reduce the cost and ensure that patients receive their prescriptions. Pharmacy robots will provide various medications, pick pills in the proper dosages and package them for nurses to administer are on the rise.


Experts are saying that Pharmacy robots not only improve quality for patients for years, but are also far less likely to make errors along the way. 

UAE's First Robot Pharmacy

In this smart technology, one such development is United Arab Emirates (UAE) has inaugurated its first “robot pharmacy” at Rashid Hospital in Dubai.

This smart pharmacy is deploying a robot for the first time in the UAE to dispense prescribed medication, which would be done at a click of button based on a bar code, therefore “minimize any human error”.


The robots can store up to 35,000 medicines and dispense around 12 prescriptions in less than a minute, which would reduce customers’ waiting time significantly.

DHA On Robot Pharmacy

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) said it plans to adopt the use of robot in all its hospitals soon. The main aim of adopting robot technology is to achieve a “happy and healthy society,”

Moreover, UAE has installed robots at several public places In order to be at the forefront of a digital economy within the Arab world.


In addition to that, Robots greet passengers at Dubai international airport. Medical robots have become an ever emerging technology today. They can support, assist and even help perform tasks that human doctors cannot do as precisely and accurately.

Final Conclusion

Finally, we can understand that robots are going play key role in our daily routine at future. And, UAE Robot Pharmacy has become the attractive point for DHA.

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