Robotic Dog Helping Hospitals Fight Corona Virus | Latest Robot News

Robotic Dog Helping Hospitals Fight Corona Virus | Latest Robot News

In general, robots are taking up every job at present. Fortunately, robots have become key aspect in Covid-19 situation. Yes, Robotic Dog is helping hospitals in U.S.

Boston Dynamic’s Spot Robot is helping hospitals in fighting Coronavirus by reducing the count of health workers. The company is open-sourcing all of its work so other mobile robotics makers can leverage the platform to help more frontline workers.

In the U.S at least 5,400 nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers treating COVID-19 patients. They have contracted the disease themselves. As per estimation, of those medical professionals, dozens have died.

Moreover, treating patients with a virus that can live on surfaces for days and it is dangerous, life-threatening work no matter how many precautions you take.

How Robot Dog Help Hospitals Fight Corona Virus?

Usually, patients must line up in outside to meet the doctors and initial temperature readings. This can take up to 5 medical staff who can contradict to the virus for sure.

By using robotic dog the hospital can reduce the number of workers in these environments. Along with that, protective equipment like face shields, N-95 masks can also be preserved.

The robot is equipped with an iPad and two-way radop in its back so healthcare providers can video conference with patients. They get to know the condition of the patients and suggest the required medication.

In this way, robo-dog is helping hospitals in fighting covid-19. Likewise, many robots have become the parts of the hospitals in many countries especially in covid-19 pandemic.


Know More About Robot Dog

What Else The Spot Robot Can Do?

Usually, Spot has seen internet stardom on YouTube for hijinks like loading a dishwasher, dancing, etc. But Boston Dynamics recently made the robot available for commercial lease. Since then, the robo-dog has helped bomb squads and worked on an oil rig.

Spot has already been deployed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Harvard University for two full weeks. Right now, the bot works as telemedicine support, helping frontline staff in ad-hoc environments like triage tents and parking lots.

Final Conclusion

In final we want to conclude that, robots are becoming the part of daily life. They are appearing and doing their best in almost all industries like hospitals, army, education, etc.

Know the importance of robots and hope more robots help us in future to save us from pandemic situations like covid-19.

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