Nelbot To Assist Doctors At Nellore Government Hospital

Nelbot To Assist Doctors At Nellore Government Hospital

Doctors and Nurses are playing crucial role
in all parts of the world in fighting against corona. In order to help them an
engineer from Nellore invented Nelbot to Assist Doctors at Nellore Government

Nelbot is a Nellore Robot invented by
Parveesh Hussain an alumnus of Anna University, Chennai at the behest of
Nellore MP Adala Prabhakar Reddy to come to the aid of medical professionals
who treat patients risking their lives.

This robot acts as a bridge between medical
professionals and patients by visiting them in the COVID-19 isolation ward from
time to time. Nodal officer Narendra said, doctors will use this Nelbot to give
patients medicines and food on time.

The robot, costing about ₹2.50 Lakh, was
donated by APR Helping Hands Foundation to the GGH, said its Director Sd.
Nizamuddin. Based on its functionality more robots will come in to service in
future said by SPSR Nellore Joint Collector Vinod Kumar.

Another interesting feature in this Nelbot is,
it has been programmed to enable a doctor from anywhere to remotely examine a
patient online through telecommunication app Skype after downloading the
relevant mobile app.

We expect Services of Robots will be extended to other state hospitals in phases.

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