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Robotics is a well known and common word for all of us. And we also know that, Robots are shaping the entire world with its technology and features. Day by day usage of robots is increasing in all parts of the world.

Japan stands on first place in the usage of humanoid robots. We can see them working in industries, factories, restaurants, schools etc. Slowly other parts of the world also started using robots for minimizing their work effort.

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We are publishing this article to tell you the Latest Robot News 2020. As we all know that robots are performing extraordinarily in all platforms.

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Latest Robot News 2020

All the news and Robots Updates in this section are real and happened. And you will get surprised by knowing the significance of robots in real life platforms.

1. Robots now helping Indian Army Fight Terror in Jammu & Kashmir.

Very soon Indian Army is having robots to help in counter-insurgency operations in Jammu & Kashmir. The Ministry Defense has started process of designing 550 robotics surveillance Units. These robots will have minimum 25 years of Service life.

Indian Army Senior Officer told that these robots should be capable of climbing stairs. And they should be capable enough for water fording with minimum 20-cm depth. Furthermore, it should be light-weight, rugged and portable and at the same time, shockproof to withstand firing or attacks from terrorists.

Moreover, It should also transmit visual data to a distance of about 150-200 meters across four walls, facility to rotate 360 degrees and pan and tilt.

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2. Adidas Gives Up On Robots Factories In Asia

Famous Footwear Company Adidas has announced that it is shutting down robot factories by next April. They addressed that Robotic factories can be an incredibly powerful and versatile setup. Adidas also said that it is very expensive to maintain, modify, configure and upgrade the infrastructure of these factories.

Adidas will believe they will deploy some of the “Speedfactory” technologies in Asia factories. This is for better utilization of existing production capacity. However the company has not provided the exact details of technologies and how they are implemented.

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3. Company Offers Nearly 90 Lakh Rupees If You Sign Up to Have Your Face on Robots

An unnamed tech company is offering rupees 90 lakhs to anyone who are willing to have their face mask on robots. These robots are designed to act as virtual friends to elderly and old people.

This tech company is looking for a kind and friendly faces to put for thousands of robots. The company is ready to pay 100,000 as license rights to the correct face.

As this is an unusual request, company details were not put in public. This post shared on Twitter and other social media platforms.

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4. Two Humanoid Robots Take Orders, Serve Customers at Restaurant in Odisha, India

Probably First time in an Eastern India two robots are now serving customers in a restaurant. This restaurant named Robo Chef was located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha Capital.

These two robots are named as ‘Champa’ and ‘Chameli’. They can greet the customers and also ask them phrases like “Are you Happy” along with the serving. In addition to that these robots have SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) technology with them. By this they do not need any guidance or Environment modification. Moreover these robots have 17 kinds of censors that sense the environment, smoke, heat, person identification, welcoming people etc.

The restaurant owner was Civil Engineer by qualification and very inspired by robot services in other countries. He said that even though many cities in India have serving robots, his robots are special. Because they are completely manufactured in India unlike others imported from china.

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5. Quadruped Robots Can Climb Ladders Now

We all know that Quadruped Robots exactly looks like quadruped animals like dogs and cats etc. Robots have begun to approach the similar capabilities of animals from several years. Very common specifications like Walking without Falling etc. But Biology provides a standard that quadruped robots will take very long time to get all the capabilities that animals have.

But the cool thing about Robots is, they are potential enough to learn new behaviors. At IRSO 2020 one such thing was happened where a Quadruped Robot able to climb vertical ladders. Here vertical Ladder is a quite challenging for them especially if they can’t use their claws to grip.

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Hope all these 5 Robot News 2020 help you to get some idea about how robots are performing in different fields.

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To conclude, gathering Latest Robot Updates and sharing with you is exciting thing for us. By this you can understand how robots are replacing human jobs at present and also future. We just want to show the performance of different kinds of robotics from all parts of the world.

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