Facebook Unveils Machine Learning Translator For 100 Languages

Facebook Unveils Machine Learning Translator For 100 Languages Without Relying On English

Yes, On Monday, we have got latest news that Facebook Unveils Machine Learning Translator For 100 Languages without relying on English.

It is an AI based translator that can translate over 100 languages said by research assistant Angela Fan in a blog post.

We all know that, Facebook is being used by billions and trillions of users worldwide. It has been recognized as the best business platform for small and large scale businesses.

So, people accessing from all parts of the world should not face language issues. We cannot assume that every facebook user knows English even though it’s a universal language.

Based on all these things, facebook has come up with a AI based Translator that can translate more than 100 languages. Fan said that “This milestone is a culmination of years of Facebook AI’s foundational work in machine translation.”

Fan also said the new model is more accurate than other systems because it does not rely on English as an intermediary translation step.

For Example, When translating, Chinese to French, most English-centric multilingual models train on Chinese to English and English to French, because English training data is the most widely available.

“Our model directly trains on Chinese to French data to better preserve meaning. It outperforms English-centric systems by 10 points on the widely used BLEU metric for evaluating machine translations,” wrote by Fan.

However, Facebook said it already handles an average of 20 billion translations every day on its news feed, and that it hopes the new system will deliver better results.

As per Fan words Breaking language barriers through machine translation is one of the most important ways to bring people together, provide authoritative information on Covid-19, and keep them safe from harmful content is the main intention of Facebook.

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