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Hello Guys, today we have come up with other latest tech news. Google Assistant Can Now Schedule Smart Home Actions like smart lights, and other gadgets.

Yes, Google has came up with a new feature that will let users schedule a smart home command to trigger for later time. For example, if you say “Hey Google, turn on the lights in ten minutes”, Google assistant will turn on the lights after 10 minutes.

Along with this, you can also set command for particular duration of time. For example, you can give command “Hey Google, Turn on lights for 15 Minutes.” As per Google, commands can be scheduled for any day within a seven day period. The scheduled commands will also work with remaining smart home gadgets.

In general, Google Assistants are already capable of turning smart gadgets, now we able to schedule actions for all smart home gadgets. You can also provide commands for the next day. For example, “Hey Google, turn on water Kettle at 7 AM tomorrow.” Moreover, you can use sunset and sunrise as triggers for the command. For example, “Hey Google, switch lamp on 20 minutes before sunrise.”

As per Google’s support page notice, Users can also cancel a scheduled action. Google returns a list of the user’s scheduled actions and prompts the user to specify the ones they want to cancel. However, early users have stated that cancelling process is not very smooth.

On this statement, the support page clarifies that Google Assistant can have trouble recognizing temporal adverbs (tomorrow or next week, for example) and users will have to specify the exact date and time while scheduling a command. Otherwise, Google Assistant will return an error.

A report by 9to5Google noted hat scheduled actions feature is only working for limited smart home commands and routines. They will not work to schedule actions such as playing music.

Final Conclusion

Finally we can conclude that, Google is coming up with very unique and useful features that make our work smart and save time. We still don’t know for all users the Google Assistant Scheduled action feature is working yet or not. But the feature is live now.

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