Google Photos Storage Is No More Free | Here’s What You Need To Know

Google Photos Storage Is No More Free | Here’s What You Need To Know

Are you an Android User? Using Google Storage for your photos and videos? Google Photos Storage Is No More Free!!…

Google Photos will soon limit your free storage at 15GB. The main intention of Google is to encourage people to sign up for its Google One storage subscription service.

After June 1, 2021, any new photos and videos you upload will count toward the free 15GB of storage that comes with every Google account.

Any photos or videos that you upload before June 1, 2021 will not be destroyed. The existing images & videos are not under the part of this update.

Google take this move to push people to sign up for Google One storage subscription. Moreover, Google One plans start at $2 a month in the US for 100GB of storage and other features, like Google Store discounts.

What You Need To Know?

Its better to make sure that your existing photos and videos are backed up before the deadline.

Google will notify you in the app and by email once you get close to reach 15GB. However, you can also find a personalized estimate for how long your free storage may last, based on how frequently you back up photos and videos to your Google Account.

Note On Google Photos Storage Update

Google said that, more than 4 trillion photos are stored in Google Photos. And, 28 billion new photos and videos are uploaded each week.

So, Google is going to charge approximately $2 per month for 100GB of storage if we exceed the limit 15GB. 

Final Conclusion

Finally, backup your entire Google photos and videos before the deadline given by Google. Also, get ready to experience the Google’s new photo storage plans.

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