List Of Google Algorithm Updates | Google Core Updates List​

List Of Google Algorithm Updates | Google Core Updates List

Hello Guys, We all know that Google Algorithm Updates play key role in SEO rankings. All our optimization techniques and strategies must be designed according to the updates to rank better.

Google has a long history of algorithm updates. They regularly release updates to make their search results more effective and provide exact content for users.

So, here is the history of major Google Algorithm Updates. You can go through each update and conclude how Google is releasing updates.

1. Google December 2020 Core Update

Google has confirmed the December 16th 2020 broad core update. Like all core updates, this was a global update and was not specific to any region, language or category of web sites.

According to many of the tool providers and the SEO community it was a big update.

2. Google May 2020 Core Update

This was the second core update of the year 2020, the first one was on the January.

Google has released May Core Update 2020, on Monday as they releases core updates for every few months.

 So, if you are negatively hit by Google May 2020 Core update, there are specific actions to take recover. Access the below link to know some more information regarding this update.

3. January 2020 Core Update

It was the First Google January 2020 Core update released in the year 2020.

Even  the January 2020 Core Update was released on the Monday after 12PM.

4. Google BERT Natural Language Processing Update

This was the Google’s latest search algorithm to better understand natural language. Bert Algorithm was released on October 2019.

Bert will also impact Featured Snippets. Google said BERT is being used globally, in all languages, on featured snippets.

In one sentence, Bert can help computers understand language a bit more like humans do.

5. September 2019 Core Update

Google announces 2019 Core Update on September 24th. In general, Core updates impact how Google ranks websites.

Also, core updates is all about how Google determines what is the most relevant web page for particular query.

Google also given us advice what to do if your website hit negatively by this core update

One more thing is that, Google started transforming the core update names with month and year from this update. This is to avoid the confusion over previous updates.

6. June 2019 Core Update

Google announces the June 201 Core Update is Live at 1:02PM.

So, what to do if your website hit by June 2019 core update?!!..

Check your web analytics and Search Console performance if your website was impacted by the algorithm update. Google recommends you to make your site better if your site was

7. March 2019 Core Update

Google stated that, they heard about confusion with the names of broad core algorithm updates. So they decided to clear this by giving proper name and structure for the algorithm updates.

This type of “March 2019 Core Update” name will make clear that when the update was released exactly. This is not the first time that Google changed the algorithm names, even in the past they changed the Farmer Update to Panda Update.

Learn More about the original story on this update over here. Google has also said there is “no fix” for Core updates.

8. August 2018 Core Update aka Medical Update

Like every time, Google said that there is no “fix” if your website hurt by the latest Google Update.

Google make all these efforts to intimate us that our websites must be more effective.

Google Stated that “There’s nothing wrong with pages that may now perform less well. Instead, it’s that changes to our systems are benefiting pages that were previously under-rewarded.”

9. April 2018 Core Update

Google has confirmed that search algorithm update took place on April 20. Some sites may have seen their rankings improve, while others may have seen negative or zero changes.

Google explained that “pages that were previously under-rewarded” would see a benefit from these core updates.

Routinely, there is no fix for pages that was hit by the update. This update is to just remind us to focus on building great content.

10. March 2018 Core Update

Google Confirms Core Search Ranking Algorithm Updae On March 2018.

Google acknowledged the suspected update but says there is nothing webmasters can do to fix their sites if they dropped in rankings.

Actually, There was speculation over the weekend about a Google update; this is Google confirming that speculation.

11. December 2017 Core Update

Google confirms mid-December search ranking algorithm updates on December 20, 2017.

Indications revealed that sites with no schema data and those relying on doorway pages being most impacted for this update.

Resources concluded  that the updates are related to keyword permutations and sites utilizing doorway pages.

12. Google Local August 2017 Hawk Update

Google released Hawk Update on August 22, 2017.   This update has great impact on local results. It had no impact on the non local organic results.

This Update is all about filtering the local business listings.  Google started filtering out listings that were physically located near each other.

Check full information about Google Hawk Update, how it impacted business listings. Also check the detailed report, before and after images through below link.

13. Google Fred Update - Unconfirmed March 2017 Update

SEO industry has detected the unconfirmed Google ranking algorithm on March 9th, 2017.  They called them this the Fred Update.

This is one of the unconfirmed update by Google. Last time another spam related update was released in early February. And that update also was unconfirmed by Google.

14. Google Local September 2016 Possum Update

If you are wondering what “Possum” is, it’s the name we in the local search community decided to give the massive Local algorithm update that happened September 1, 2016.

The main purpose of the update was to diversify the local results and also prevent spam from ranking as well.

This was the biggest update we have seen in Local since Pigeon in 2014. One of the main things that updated was Google’s filter that applies to the local results.

15. Google RankBrain Algorithm

Google is using a machine learning technology called RankBrain to make search results more effective.

Google confirms that RankBrain is Google’s name for a machine-learning AI system. It is used to help its search results and make them more accurate.

RankBrain is part of Google’s overall search “algorithm,” a computer program that’s used to sort through the billions of pages it knows about and find the ones deemed most relevant for particular queries.

16. Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

Google has released new algorithm called “Mobile-Friendly” algorithm on May 2016. This algorithm is supposed to give additional ranking boost for mobile-friendly websites in the mobile search results.

If your website is not mobile optimized, check the Google mobile-friendly tool, and check Google’s mobile guidelines. It is never too late to benefit from this mobile-friendly algorithm.

17. January 2016 Core Update

Another Google Core Update was released on January 2016. Many SEOs and webmasters reported major ranking changes in Google.

Many webmasters are waiting for a Google Penguin update. So when major fluctuations happen, they thought it is penguin.

But Google confirms this is not Penguin update. It is a core ranking algorithm update.

18. Google HummingBird Update

Humming Bird is the name of new search platform that Google using from September 2013. This name comes from being “Precise and fast” and designed to focus better on the meaning behind the words.

Google Hummingbird is designed to apply the meaning technology to billions of pages from across the web. This can help search engine to provide better results.

19. Google Mobile Friendly Update

Google released its first and new mobile friendly ranking algorithm on April 21, 2015. It is designed to give a boost to mobile friendly pages in Google’s mobile search.

There are many names for this update like mobilegeddon, mobilepocalyse, etc.

One of the best ways to prepare is to test that Google considers your web pages to be mobile friendly by using its test tool.

20. Google Panda Update

Google’s Panda Update is a search filter introduced in 2011, February. This update is meant to stop sites with poor quality content appear Google’s top search results.

21. Google Pigeon Update

Google Pigeon was launched on July 24th, 2014 for U.S. English results.  This update was more useful, relevant and accurate local search results.

Google stated that this new algorithm will improve distance and location ranking parameters.

22. Google Pirate Update

This Google Pirate update was introduced in August 2012. This update was designed to prevent sites with many copyright infringement reports as filed through Google’s DMCA system, from ranking well in Google’s listings.

23. Google Payday Update

This update was launched on June 11, 2013. The payday update was new algorithm which targets cleaning up search results for spammy queries.

24. Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update

On September 2019, Google launched EMD update to prevent poor quality sites from ranking well.

This is because they had words that match search terms in their domain names.

25. Google Top Heavy Update

Top Heavy Update was launched in January 2012 by Google. This update was launched to prevent sites that were “top heavy” with ads from ranking well in its listings.

Hope all these Google Algorithm Updates will help you at some point in increasing your website efficiency. Verify more Google Updates from here. 

Final Thoughts

We hope, these list of Google Algorithm Updates will help you get idea about algorithms. You can also have knowledge on Google ranking updates through this article.

Along with that, we will update this article whenever Google releases new ranking algorithm updates. So stay tuned.

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