Latest Update On Google Ads Billing In India | Automatic Billing Update

Latest Update On Google Ads Billing In India | Automatic Billing Update

Hello Advertisers, are you aware of latest update on Google ads billing in India? If not, please go through this post completely.

 Let us know 2 important points before starting the article

·       The automatic payments option will be temporarily unavailable for new Ads accounts until further notice


·       Advertisers currently using monthly invoicing or manual payments will not be able to switch to automatic payment option until further notice

Changes To Automatic Payments In India Due To RBI Regulations

Due to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recent regulations, all automatic payments using credit and debit cards need to follow the new guidelines

While the deadline for completing RBI regulations was September 30, 2021. Google ads account may stop running after the deadline if advertisers unable to set up RBI e-mandate. So, complete the process as soon as possible before the end date. 

Threshold Limits For Existing Customers Using Automatic Payments

Generally, Automatic payments in India are limited to ₹5,000 and Google is required to set up an e-mandate for your card.

Google is working on updating your recurring payment per the new guidelines. The total amount you’re charged won’t change,
and you’ll be charged only for your usage

 So try completing the procedure multiple times even if it fails. But, make sure to complete the process before 1st October, 2021. Otherwise ads will get interrupted at anytime as per Google saying. 

Set Up Your RBI e-mandate

Follow below steps to setup RBI e-mandate and save your ads account from interruption

1. Sign In To Your Google Ads Account

2. Click “Fix Now” in the red alert at the top of the page to fix your recurring payments and prevent service disruption.

We have to follow other steps at any time, if your account has stopped running due to decline of automatic payment


Click Here To Know The Steps

Final Thoughts

Finally, we want to conclude that, please make sure to complete the new Google ads procedure before the last date. Otherwise
your Google ads account may get interrupted.

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