Google May Core Update 2020 | Algorithm Update | SERP Changes

Google May Core Update 2020 | Algorithm Update | SERP Changes

Alert!!… Google has released its algorithm update. Yesterday at around 3:50pm ET Google said the new Google May 2020 Core Update is now rolling out.

Google Tweeted on Twitter we are releasing a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year.” “It is called the May 2020 Core Update.” As per their words, It will typically take about 1 to 2 weeks to fully roll out.

The last time Google announced a search algorithm update was the January core update, which was big.

Google May Core Update 2020

Googlers really did not say much outside of this. As per the sources Google to renamed it or give it a pet name but he wouldn’t budge. 

Let Us See Opinions Regarding The Update

·       It’s pandemic and I don’t want Google updates to crush me at this time of financial crisis. I’m scared sad

·       At around 1am, but it’s not a big move, ~10%. It is still too early to tell if this is real or just normal variations, but as I said it’s positive, which is better than negative.

·       Not seeing anything significant on my end. Might have to wait a bit longer.

Here are some Popular Website Analytics Regarding Google May Core Update 2020


SERP Metrics 


Algoroo Google May Core Update 2020

Rank Ranger 


Above all are the changes happened in websites due to Google May 2020 Core Update. These are the only few examples. Many websites are not willing to show performance changes of their websites.

 So let us see the impacts of the Update in next couple of days or one week. Keep checking your analytics regularly to find out your website changes. For more information on this update check out the below link


Know More about Google Core Update 2020 May

Side note: Google decided not to delay the core update after
some speculation that Google might delay it or postpone it over the virus.

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