Google July 2021 Core Update | Algorithm Updates | Board Core Update

Google July 2021 Core Update | Algorithm Update | Board Core Update

Finally, Google July 2021 Core Update is finished rolling out. After 12 days, Google said that the update is done. It rolled out between July 1st and July 12th.


Generally, Google will release core updates every year to provide best relevant results for the users. It is the process of making their algorithms more effective. On the behalf of the process, Google July 2021 Core Update was released. 

Google July Core Update 2021

Google started the July Core Update 2021 on July 1, 2021. This update took 12 days to rollout completely. Last month, June 2021 Core update took only 10 days to rollout.

Experts are saying that July core update is smaller than June core update. So, it seems to be less impactful than June core update.


Like all the core updates, July 2021 Core Update was not specific to any language, region, or category of websites. It was a classic board core update released like every time Google does. 

Main Impact

The main impact of the update was felt in July 2nd, 2021 and then on July 9th, 2021 & July 12th, 2021. So, if anyone of the website owners notices a huge change in your website rankings, it was likely related to this July 2021 core update. Usually, websites will have huge ranking differences when new core updates were released by Google.  

On Going Updates

About 10 Updates were released by Google in the past month. But, only 3 of them were confirmed by the Google. MUM update, June 28 Spam Update, June 23rd Spam Update, Google Page Experience Update, Google Predator Algorithm Update, and few other unconfirmed updates.


All these updates are ongoing updates which are affecting the websites from past 1 month. So, websites can do better or worse. Go through below contents if you are hit by the update. 

What To Do If You Are Hit?

No worries if your website was negatively impacted by the July 2021 Core update. Google has given advice on what to consider. However, Google will release updates frequently, so you can see a bit of recovery between the upcoming core updates.

Usually it is a quite common to get affected by the core algorithm updates. And, this is the best way & opportunity to increase site rankings by effective optimization.


Know More

Final Thougths

In final, we want to conclude that Google algorithm updates will be released frequently to provide more relevant results for the users in all the aspects.


So, make sure that you take necessary actions on the web page if your website was affected by the July 2021 Core Update. And, follow this website for latest updates on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Machine Learning, AR & VR, etc. 

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