AI In Marketing | Personalization | Targeting | Branding | Key Points

AI In Marketing | Personalization | Targeting | Branding | Key Points

Artificial Intelligence is the most widely used when we talk about Technology. It is one of the today’s hottest topics across the business sectors. Let us know about AI in Marketing and how it is going to make marketing more effective.

Digital Marketing is now more focusing on AI to make it more effective. The current uses and applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing are Cost and ROI analysis for PPC advertising, chatbot customer service, etc.

Why Artificial Intelligence In Marketing?

As  per the sources, 51% of the marketers currently using AI and an 27% are expected to integrate the technology by 2021. By this we can understand that AI has Year-Over-Year growth.

As consumer-generated data grows, AI computing techniques like machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP) are becoming more important to data-driven decision-making.

Report Of AI In Marketing

As we said above, businesses are already using some of the AI applications in their marketing strategy. Business intelligence has examined those applications how they are working in terms of personalization, targeting, branding, etc.

Also explained how marketers cam implement AI to better target audiences, gain a competitive edge. So that marketers can make their work more effective by using AI technology.

Some Key Points To Consider From The Report

Content Creation

AI will aid in content creation but human content creators are still necessary. Because, it’s still early stage for marketers to use AI to automatically create and edit content. It may not find proper images for display ads, etc.

Data Analysis

Experts are saying that machines can do better data analysis as they are better at automating two basic human senses: sight and hearing.

As a result, humans no longer have to manually categorize or describe various types of media.


AI will make marketers to become proactive planners from reactive planners. The enhanced analytics report that AI provides will help marketers to plan more efficiently.

Perfect planning and execution can be done in three areas: tracking, segmentation, keyword tagging.

Trending Technology

AI is trending because it is one of the unprepared and unexpected technology among all the technologies. Yes it’s true!!

When asked to choose which trending technology they felt most unprepared for, 34% of global marketing executives chose AI, the most of any option.

I hope these 4 key points helps you understand the importance of AI In Marketing. Access the below link for more information.

Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

Final Thoughts

 Hope this article help you understand how AI helps marketers to run their business more productive. And popular brands like Apple, Netflix, Starbucks, IBM, etc are completely focusing on AI for better business standards.

You can discuss your thoughts about AI in Marketing in the below comment section. Thank You.

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