Real World AI Security Applications | Future Applications

Security is the broad term and important thing in any industries, companies, and agencies. Meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence is a great platform where many applications are taking part of it. So we want to describe about AI Security Applications.

As many technologies evolving lack of security is main issue in real world terms. Now Artificial intelligence and security were made for each other in context of security systems.


To introduce the topic, Security is the common aspect which is required in every field. Researchers have said that Artificial Intelligence is helping to stand out from attackers in many fields.

Not limited to attackers, AI Security can also help from errors and system failures. So we want to explain this article in a detailed manner with sub topics. Follow the complete article to get full knowledge on Artificial Intelligence Security without any skip.

How AI Helps in Security Systems

AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing enable analysts to respond to threats with greater confidence and speed.

  • As AI is trained by consuming billions of data artifacts from both structured and unstructured sources. So machine learning and deep learning techniques helps AI improves its knowledge to “understand” cyber security threats and cyber risk.
  • Artificial Intelligence program gathers insights and uses reasoning to identify the relationships between threats, such as malicious files, suspicious IP addresses. This analysis takes very less seconds or minutes, allowing security analysts to respond to threats up to 60 times faster.
  • Artificial Intelligence will eliminate time consuming research tasks through its technology. It also provides the curated analysis of risks.

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Real World AI Security Applications

In this section you are going to find the Real World Artificial Intelligence Security Applications implemented by some of the Security Systems.

Along with that you can also see how actually the AI Security works for different kinds of applications.

              1. Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks took first place which needs Artificial Intelligence Security application. Because we can see millions of systems attacked by cyber hackers ever day. Now the attackers took one step forward and modifying the drone code, changing their behavior etc.

So on the predictive side, PatternEx recently developed an AI platform called AI2. It claims that they can predict cyber-attacks significantly better than existing systems by continuously incorporating input from human experts. This is one of the most useful AI Cyber Security system for many threats and attacks.

Likewise many Artificial Intelligence security methods are coming up especially for Cyber Attacks in future.

             2. Security & Crime Prevention

New York police Department’s CompStat is the first to implement Artificial Intelligence program. It was implemented in 1995 a systematic approach that includes philosophy and organizational management. But it depends upon the underlying Software Tools. In addition to that it was the first tool used for “predictive policing”, and has since spread to many police stations nationwide.

California-based Armorway has been using AI Cyber Security with gane theory to predict when terrorists or other threats will strike a target.

Likewise many crime departments will use Artificial Intelligence Security for many other purposes.

             3. Privacy Protection

As social presence is increasing in the world, Privacy Protection has become the big issue and challenge for us. A recent national academies study has provided a conclusion that still there is no proper security for Meta data.

AI Security is playing key role in Not only Cyber Attacks but also Privacy Policy Systems. With its new features, Artificial Intelligence is making sure that data was completely secure while transferring from one system to another system. Along with that, AI also makes sure that data can be sent to only the destination person but not other third party persons or hackers.

Future Artificial Intelligence Security Applications

No matter how high the cyber crime is, Artificial Intelligence is going to help out of the situations in future more effectively. As we said above, most of the important and power platforms are making use of AI security. But in future many other applications come forward to apply Artificial Intelligence Security Programs.

Let us discuss some of them in this section

        1. IOT System Security

Internet of Things (IOT) is playing key role in minimizing the human efforts in many areas. People habituated to use IOT technology to make their work less complex. Such a great technology needs power packed security.

So the recent news was that IOT is going make use of AI Security systems for the security purpose. So it can detect real time failures and recommend needed maintenance. This can be applicable to property, vehicle, or other network component etc.

       2. Security and Crime Prevention

You know what, The Transport Security Administration (TSA) is handling a project to reformulate Airport security nationwide. In this system, smart tunnel will checks people’s security while they walk through it, eliminating the need for inefficient security lines. This AI Security System is intended to be introduced into US airports in four to 10 years.

Many other cities have already added drones for surveillance of potential criminal activity. Here smart drones able to detect crimes in the making and alert authorities. This technique will be used in the future to reinforce security at major crossways such as ports, airports, industrial facilities, and others.

Hope these two examples help you to understand about the Future Artificial Intelligence Security Applications. For more info about this topic, click on the below link.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion we are informing that many applications are coming out every day through new technologies. As technology increasing security becomes the big challenge. Still we can be in safe zone through Artificial Intelligence Security Systems.

Still if you have doubts about AI Security Systems post them in the below comment box. Also post your thoughts on the blog. Follow our website for latest news and updates on technology.