AI teachers must be effective and communicate well to be accepted

AI has been taking the world to experience new technology. Now, it’s time for teaching field. Students get ready to experience the new teaching methods from AI Teachers.

Scope of Online teaching and education has been increasing day by day. And last few pandemic months help us know the importance of online education system and online teachers.

The entire thing allows bringing Artificial Intelligence Teachers in to the world to make education system more effective. Researchers at the University of Central Florida’s Nicholson School of Communication and Media are working to examine student perceptions of artificial intelligence-based teachers.

Some of their recent publications state that students should feel effective, easy to talk and interact with the AI teachers. Jihyun Kim, an associate professor in the school and lead author of the study said that engineers and computer scientists can design AI Teaching assistants easily once if they able to understand how students relate to Artificial Intelligence Teachers.

Kim also said that, “To use machine teachers effectively, we need to understand students’ perceptions toward machine teachers, their learning experiences with them and more.” He also added “This line of research is needed to design effective machine teachers that can actually facilitate positive learning experiences.”

Why AI Teachers Or Teaching Assistants?

Artificial Intelligence Teaching Assistants will help teachers by reducing their workload. They can respond to the most commonly asked questions that often appear every year. It is a big task to answer to those thousands of questions asked by the students for general teachers. But AI Teachers can answer them quickly .

A good example of an AI teaching assistant is one named Jill Watson that was created by a researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Jill was fed the thousands of questions and answers commonly asked in the researcher’s online class that he’d taught over the years. With some additional learning and tweaks, Jill was eventually able to answer the students’ commonly asked questions accurately without any human assistance as if she was one of the researcher’s human teaching assistants.

Kim says that the finding that an AI-based teaching assistant that students were most likely to accept was one that was useful and was easy to communicate with points to the importance of having an effective AI-system.

Final Conclusion

AI Teachers can help general teachers to spend more time with students and design new teaching strategies. Along with that, Artificial Intelligence based teaching assistants allow students learns in meaningful and understandable ways.

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